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My Background

A Spiritualist Medium

 Lee McKenzie is a demonstrating spiritualist medium, meditation teacher, reiki master & a crystal therapy healer, based in Glasgow. Lee's biggest passion in life after her family, is to be the bridge between two worlds, bringing messages of love and comfort from spirit. She has trained as a spiritualist medium while undertaking her certificates with the S.N.U in speaking & demonstrating.

My spiritual journey began when i was a child of around seven years old. I was an 'only child' and one day my mother was aware of me talking and playing with what she thought was an 'imaginary friend'. When she asked me who i was talking to i said 'Michael' a family member who had recently passed over. Years passed by and by the time i got to my twenties my dad was dying from cancer. On the morning of his passing he could tell me that his mother and niece where standing by his side waiting to cross him over to the spirit world. He died an hour later.

After my dads passing, i was unable to hide the realities of my experiences any longer but didn't know where to turn.

A few years later, after many personal readings from other mediums and a gentle push in the right direction, i decided to join a development circle. Very quickly, my spiritual development accelerated, and I could no longer push this calling aside. Since then I have been working with spirit full time. Before becoming a full time spiritualist medium, i worked in many industries ranging from hairdressing to many other customer service roles. When i began my mediumship development I was a booking agent by day and dedicated myself to the spirit world in the evenings. I sat in a development circle, as well as open circles at the end of mediumship church services. I also received training from many more experienced mediums. I feel that my working background has brought integrity and quality to all aspects of my mediumship work. As part of my ongoing personal and spiritual development, i still sit in a regular circle as well as extra training to hone my skills more. I am also a developing trance mediumship.

I have since qualified as a reiki master, crystal healing therapist, meditation teacher and life coach.

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Martyn Conner

Lee McKenzie i would like to thank you for my reading this morning

Well where do i start - your reading was accurate and spot on with the names, months and dates

Bringing my dad and grandad through and no one would have known dad had a boat and the colours of it like you picked up on

And bringing his sister Bridget through

Also the age of dad as he passed

All i can say is onwards and upwards and i will definitely be putting a bit out there for you.

Excellent medium

Services I Offer

Connecting to your loved ones in spirit

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Tarot/Oracle Card Readings


Tarot card readings look at your life, past present and future if appropriate. Using tarot cards can bring insight to any questions you may have (Love, relationships, career, family issues etc). No guarantees can be given on what information may come through.

Oracle card readings are based more on reflection and divination which give a brief overview of your life.

Evidential Readings


An evidential reading or spirit link; is about the reunion of souls. The medium will connect with those in spirit and bring evidence of their survival and prove that love transcends death. No guarantees can be given on who may step forward during the communication.

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Card & Evidential Reading


Simply as it sounds - an evidential connection with loved ones in spirit and psychic insight, asking those in spirit for further guidance on the tarot in addition to the mediums own intuition.

Life Coaching

From £150

Working in partnership with me as your Personal Coach and Mentor is a step further forwards on your own personal journey to being the real authentic you and living your best life.

It’s another step towards  achieving the changes in your life you dream of, to living your life more fully-   feeling alive, complete and whole.

It is about holding yourself accountable.

It is about having support that cuts through your fear and excuses and having someone  who holds the safe sacred space for you when you most need it.

It is about learning and exploring NLP mental tools, mindfulness and meditation techniques, personal development techniques, coping and success strategies that have the power to positively impact on your life.

And it all can start right here in this moment.

For all change on the outside of your life begins on the inside with YOU.

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Reiki Treatment


From £24

Reiki is a traditional, holistic and time-tested treatment for a wide range of ailments including anxiety, headaches, constipation and respiratory problems and fat digestion.

Who is this for - Anyone needing a safe and soothing treatment, going through life challenges, or just needing a little boost, feeling disconnection with your body and mind or just needing some me-time.

Crystal Healing Therapy


What is crystal healing?

Crystals give out positive energy and absorb negative energy. They all vibrate at precise frequencies – that’s why they’re used to make things like Quartz watches, computers and televisions work. Similarly, the crystal’s charge interacts with the electrical field of our body.  Crystals can help clear energy blockages in our chakras and bring our balance and equilibrium back. 

Crystals heal holistically. They work on our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual selves.

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Therapy Room

Reiki Courses

From £130

My courses are very informal and friendly. There are no more than six students at each class, which gives me plenty of time to interact with each student. I feel this is of utmost importance. I cover reiki 1, reiki 2 and master courses.

Meditation Classes

From £7 Per Class

Take half an hour out to cultivate inner peace and enjoy the rest of the day with an inspired and positive mind. Theses classes combine different meditations with a ‘thought for the day’ on practical methods of how to stay happy and positive through the challenges of modern life.

Teacher training

Meditation Group
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Before you can touch the Spirit, you must find it within yourself.  For all truth, for all knowledge and all love, must be found first within oneself.  And the Spirit can never touch you, and bring love and peace within your being and from your being, until you have found it for yourself.  And before you can build a picture of love from the Spirit, you must learn to find it in this life.

For visualisation is leading you to vision itself.  For words and music are there for you to find, in moments, an answer; something that’s for you, to live our life in truth.

When you have passed through those experiences, then offer yourself to the Spirit.  Not before.  Always prepare yourself as a channel for the Spirit that’s passed through experiences that’s held you tremendously strong.

No matter what despair, no matter what misfortune, you stand there with love still radiating from you.  Then God will touch you.  You will have been chosen then as a channel for the Great Spirit.

Gordon Higginson

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Are you looking for answers, or perhaps would like to receive a confirmation your life is on the right track? Whatever the reason may be, you’ve come to the right place. I love helping people develop the tools they need to cope with all of life’s challenges, and I get great satisfaction from seeing them heal and thrive. Contact me today and let the healing process begin.


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